Vintage Industrial Balloon Mold – Wall Art

Looking for a distinctive decorative piece for either wall or horizontal decor? Two industrial salvage balloon molds available. One with black bulb shaped wood spindles the other in yellow. Spindles are attached to wood slats within a wood frame forms a beautiful, rustic, conversation piece to hang on your wall or to display in a horizontal fashion as a sculptural element. Not only an obviously perfect decorative element for a loft space, but also a beautiful rustic contrast to a modern or even traditional decor. The three dimensional aspect of this piece creates a decorative piece that is interesting and uncommon as found art. An industrial remnant that begs the story about what it is, how is was used and its history!. And who doesn’t have a fond memory or and event, decorated with colorful, whimsical balloons! Please review photos for condition. Measures 17 x 7 x 24


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