Silk Paint from Dixie Belle

Available in 16 oz’s

  • Built in Stain Blocker
  • Built in Topcoat
  • No Toxic Smell!

This smoothing, blue-green color will make you feel calm and peaceful. Design a relaxing space using our color, Serenity.


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Easy Peasy Painting Just Got Even Easier! – Silk Paint

Silk, all in one mineral paint is great when you want a solid, ultra smooth finish. With a built in stain blocker and top finish coat built in, this paint will save you time. Silk is resistant to moisture, grease, mildew and UV light. Silk comes in 20 beautiful colors.

To get the best adhesion and smoothest finish you’ll want to give your piece a good cleaning. Dixie Belle White Lightning is perfect for this! Just clean your piece and go! No priming or sanding necessary just start painting. Paint anywhere in your home because there is no toxic smell – no VOC’s! Apply 2 coats and you are done! – no need to apply a finish product (unless you want extra protection, flat, gloss or additional moisture protection).

Notes: Apply Silk with a dry brush – don’t add or spray water onto Silk. Silk is great for that self leveling “brushless” look. But if you want to shabby chic your piece or want to do a blended look or if you need bright colors, we recommend using Chalk Mineral Paint instead.