Dixie Belle Paint Advantages

Jan 25, 2021about chalk paint

Advantages of Chalk Mineral Paint:

* No Sanding or Priming Required. Just Clean it and paint!
* Paint It Anywhere! – Waterbased so No Smell, No VOC’s
* Over 60 Colors! (Need more? Just mix two colors!)
* Don’t Over Buy. 3 sizes: 8oz (covers an average nightstand), 16oz (covers a typical dresser), 32oz (covers about 2 dressers).
* Self Leveling. Drys smooth without significant brush strokes (a dampened brush or spray mister will enhance this effect).
* Clean up is a breeze – just warm water & mild soap!
* Accessorize it! – Full Line with Lots of Options to Embellish and Finish your piece.