Custom Colors with Color Lab

by Mar 16, 2022Chalk Paint

Even though Dixie Belle Paint comes standard with over 60 colors, sometimes you just need that special custom hue!

Thats when you need Color Lab!

You can create your own custom color from Dixie Belles standard colors, buy the paint and then mix up your custom color! Color Lab allows you to select up to three colors to create your custom shade. you can also set the proportions! 1 to 1, 5 to 1, 10 to 1… or any proportions that you need!

So when you need that special color Try this out. (And Heck – It’s just a load of fun to play with!).


  • First pick the kind of paint – Silk or Chalk Mineral Paint
  • Next Select two colors that you want to mix.
  • Third, set the proportions of each color
  • Lastly you can add in a third color to tweek your custom color even more!


Remember colors on a computer screen are only as good as your screen is calibrated for color! so keep this in mind as you work. Also be mindfull of the proportions as you mix – keep track so that you get the result you want!