Why you should go to Ikea for the Food, NOT for the Furniture…

So. Why do people buy Ikea?

Price… Lets tackle the big one first – price. Yes, you can grab a piece of furniture (although, you have to put together) for an inexpensive price, but remember the old saying – you get what you pay for! That Ikea piece might last a year or maybe two, but eventually it will fall apart. And the more you move it, the less it will hold together! Vintage pieces, meanwhile, are solid and have stood the test of time! You might pay a bit more for a nice vintage piece, but you can be assured that it is a solid piece of furniture, created by craftsmen and meant to last for decades. It’s a judgment call, but would you really let your friend buy a junker that will be trashed within a couple of years?

Ease… It is big, and stands out like a sore thumb! You can’t miss Ikea’s big box store fronts! On the other hand, a good versatile vintage shop will have a nice selection of items, someone to deliver the piece to you and you won’t have to put it together! So, which is easier, really?!

Looks good enough… Or does it really? IKEA looks thin and flimsy, because it is! Better to get a real piece from the time period that fits your decor weather it is midcentury modern or art deco or something in between! Many vintage shops invest time and effort into refinishing their pieces, and sometimes upcylcing them in cool unique ways! Anyway, who wants a piece that they can not even pronounce the name of? Vintage looks better, because it is!

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So, next time, just get the food at Ikea and get your furniture at a solid vintage shop!