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Dixie Dirt

Dixie Dirt - What is it? How is it used?

Dixie Dirt is a powder that is brushed into the details of your piece to give it depth. The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Paint your piece and let is cure for several hours.

  2. Wax your piece with Best Dang Wax.

  3. Let the wax set for about 15 minutes (but not much longer as you want it to be tacky)

  4. Apply Dixie Dirt powder by dipping your stiff brush into the powder and then work it into the detail you want to deepen by tapping with your brush into the crevices.

  5. Gently buff the piece with a clean cloth. Remember the more you buff the lighter the effect.

  6. Let the piece set overnight - the Dixie Dirt will mesh/set with the wax and harden up.

Dixie Dirt

Best Dang Wax

For a quick demonstration of what Dixie Dirt can do, view this video!